Submission Guidelines

The Rule of Three is looking for great stories, whether they are from emerging or established writers. We aren’t too hung up on numbers, but we aren’t looking for anything over 5000 words. We’ll also consider flash pieces (100 – 1000 words). To get an idea of what we like, please check out our About Us. No, really, go do that now. We’ll wait…

All set? Okay, then, the details:

Yes, simultaneous submissions are fine, but be sure to notify us right away if the work is accepted elsewhere. Multiple submissions, not so much. Just send us one piece at a time, and wait until you hear back from us before you send another one (unless you have a couple of connected flash pieces that you’d like to count as one submission). We’re looking for fresh, unpublished pieces (anything posted on social media or blogs counts as published for us).

Feel free to include a cover letter if you like. That would be a good place to share things like your word count and whether your story is a simultaneous submission. Hey, remember that ABOUT page we talked about? If you think your work might be of particular interest to one of our specific editors, this would be a great place to let us know. We’d also appreciate a short bio (50 words or less). Your cover letter is not the place to give us a summary of your piece—we’d rather let your work speak for itself.

It’s probably worth mentioning that we don’t have time for pieces that are racist/sexist/homophobic/etc. We get it, characters are complicated, and might even be controversial, but you should know the difference between an offensive character and an offensive story. If you don’t, we’re probably not the journal for you.

We acquire first publication rights upon acceptance. All rights return to the author after publication, and please cite Rule of Three Review as the first publisher if you reprint your work elsewhere. We can’t offer compensation at this time, except for exposure and accolades.

We are always accepting submissions, and we will publish stories as we accept them. We send a response to all submissions, and we strive for a response time of about four to eight weeks. Unfortunately, we can’t offer feedback on every submission (we do offer a feedback option for a small donation below).

Please submit your work as a Word Document, using the Submittable link below. We want the usual formatting stuff: double-spacing, page numbers, one-inch margins, and a twelve-point font. On the first page, please include your contact information in the left corner and the approximate word count in the right corner. Indent your paragraphs, and use a pound sign (#) to separate any section breaks.

Editorial Feedback: We offer brief editorial comments on your piece from one of our editors for a small donation.  This is optional and does not influence acceptance decisions in any way.  If you choose this option, be sure to indicate this in your cover letter.  Please use this link to make your $5 donation for feedback: Rule of Three Editorial Feedback Donation

Thanks for your interest. We look forward to reading your work when we open for submissions on January 1st.  

Please submit here:

In the meantime, if you have questions for us, you can reach us here.

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