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Rule of Three Review is an online literary journal interested in publishing compelling, genre-transcending fiction from emerging and established writers to a diverse audience. Each from a different decade, the three of us share a love of stories, and this journal reflects our combined passion for fiction. Like one city with three neighborhoods, this journal not only represents three distinct editorial flavors, but also unites under an admiration for bold yet authentic storytelling. We welcome fiction that pushes boundaries of identity, style, and genre. Think of us as that endearing three-legged dog that you just can’t resist stopping to pet.


Craig is a writer, training facilitator and occasional chiromancer. He lives in St. Petersburg, Florida (but still considers himself a Detroiter) with his husband and the cat that is slowly stealing their souls.  Craig’s work has appeared in Glitterwolf Magazine, Playguy, Writer’s Journal, The Eckerd Review, Former Cactus, and won the Readers Pick Award in the 2016 Creative Loafing Tampa Fiction Contest.  He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Arcadia University.

What I’m looking for: I’m interested in stories with a fresh voice that make me think about something in a new way. From re-imagined tales to pieces that blur the line between literary and genre fiction, I get excited about stories that challenge convention. There is also a special place in my reader’s heart for queer and underrepresented perspectives. To get my attention: be playful, be concise, be authentic, just don’t be boring. 

13724104_10104206100268399_2382770206904449330_oChris recently retired from the restaurant industry, at least he prays to all the gods that be that he did, to pursue his passion for story. He fancies himself a writer and educator now, currently employed as Communications Center Supervisor at Hillsborough Community College – Brandon. He and his wife, Sarah, have parked their home in Riverview, Florida for the time being (check back soon because this could change often). Chris, Sarah, and their four felines have been featured on Tiny House Hunters and their adventures are haphazardly chronicled on their blog. Chris received his B.A. in English from West Virginia University and his M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Arcadia University.

What I’m looking for: Pure story. Leave out the fluff and let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. But pure also means write what you know. Take a shoeshiner and make her…well… shine, if that’s what your privy to. I grew up on fantasy novels but fell for authors that give a piece of themselves in their writing. Be true to the story, but most importantly, be you.  

fullsizeoutput_53eNick’s writing career started the morning after his dad let him watch Independence Day. That little second-grader, animated by dreams of aliens invading the planet, picked up his handy Dixon Ticonderoga and a blank marble copybook and started writing. Today, you might call it fan fiction, but thankfully, Nick didn’t have access to Tumblr in 2002. Currently, Nick isn’t writing stories based on his favorite movies and TV shows. He’s a writer and educator living and working in Philadelphia with his girlfriend and two cats. His fiction has appeared in Dime Show Review, and recently, he served as the fiction editor for Marathon Literary Review. He holds an MFA in Creative writing from Arcadia University and a BA in English Literature from Chestnut Hill College, where he currently works as an Adjunct Professor.

What I’m looking for: Characters with a distinct voice. Yes, give me a compelling story. Yes, give me strong prose. But what I want, what I really, really want are stories driven by complex characters who stay with me beyond the last line. I want characters that I will worry/wonder about long after reading. If I can forget your character and her struggles a day after reading your story, you need to go back to the drawing table (or in this case, the writing table).

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